Diversity Mark

Diversity Mark and work with Learning Workz

Over the past three years we have been working towards the Diversity Mark and projects with the Learning Workz organisation. Having achieved the Bronze Award in 2017 we formulated an action plan and in December 2019 were visited by an assessor from the Diversity Mark and were delighted to be awarded the Silver Award.


Diversity Silver Award, December 2019

The School in accord with the “Diversity Mark for Schools” framework, showed professionalism, enthusiasm and demonstrated knowledge of the importance and value of equality, diversity and inclusion. This school has a strong vision and a commitment to excellence, and this was evident across the whole school setting, from pupils, teachers and governors. The school has clearly achieved the Diversity Mark Silver level and has made strong progress using the framework to build an inclusive school ethos based on the cooperative values. The Headteacher was strongly committed to the Diversity Mark and improving educational standards. In addition, the Diversity Mark lead was exceptional in using the Diversity Mark framework to improve attainment and build a culture of inclusion.

The Diversity Mark recognises excellence across the key themes of the standard and the Silver level demonstrates that a setting is delivering good outcomes for students in the areas of inclusion, equality and diversity across the curriculum. The school should now start to work towards the next level of the standard: Gold.


Projects with Learning Workz

We are engaged in a number of projects with Learning Workz to enhance our delivery of diversity across the curriculum and have been able to offer our students the opportunity to visit Auschwitz, Disneyland Paris, New York and Washington over the last two years. These international visits in collaboration with other schools have given our students the opportunity to understand the ways in which an understanding of inclusion, equality and diversity are so important in shaping our world. Learning Workz have also supported our careers events delivering sessions on our Year 9 Careers Day on “Diversity in the workplace” and delivered staff training.

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