Art A Level

Subject Information

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Art A Level

Curriculum information

A Level Art and Design will be suitable if you are a committed artist and want to explore and develop your skills for a future career in the creative sector.

Art and Design is the right subject for you if you enjoy:

  • thinking independently and developing, refining and communicating your ideas
  • analysing your own work and the work of others to inform your ideas
  • Experimenting and taking risks in order to solve problems, producing personal creative outcomes.



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What our students say

"A major reason I chose to study Art at A-level was because of how much I loved the subject during my time in lower school and GCSEs. While studying Art, the most enjoyable aspect was the freedom I was given in choosing and developing my coursework; I never once felt limited in my options and creative pathways I could explore. Throughout it all, my teachers were always helpful by evaluating my work with constructive criticisms, and giving me the necessary suggestions to strengthen it. Overall, my experience studying A-level Art was both an enjoyable and enriching aspect of my time in Sixth Form." 

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