Primary School Transition

How do I apply for my child to come to Brentwood County High School?

Year 6 to Year 7

As part of the Year 6 to Year 7 transfer you need to apply via Essex County Council. Applications will need to be submitted by 31st October, in the first term of Year 6 at primary school. Your borough council will contact you directly with the information and documents relevant to this process.

If you are a late applicant you still need to apply directly with Essex Admissions, unless you live outside the area in which case please see the information below.

For further information please contact Essex Admissions:

0345 603 2200


How do I apply for my child to come to Brentwood County High School if I live outside the area?

Year 6 to Year 7

If you are applying for a Year 7 place at Brentwood County High School from another authority, please follow the instructions below:

  • In the school search page change the name of the Local Authority (LA) to Essex LA.
  • Change the distance radius to 'any distance' so the search is limited to a specific area.
  • Enter the word Brentwood into the search box and select Brentwood County High School.

Any problems please feel free to contact us via email on:


Who makes the decisions on who to admit to Brentwood County High School for September admissions to Year 7?

As an academy school, BCHS is legally its own admissions authority. However, as with most academies, we are part of the Essex Local Authority admissions process. Essex County Council manages our admissions as part of the central Essex system in line with our published admissions criteria for each year.

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