What the students say

BCHS Sixht form logo"The 75 minute lessons are giving us an uninterupted chunk of focussed time so real learning can take place, so we are making even more progress this year." (Year 13 student)

"Engagement in lessons is really good, teachers plan them well and there is assessment in each lesson to help us make progress". (Year 12 student)

"We did baseline assessments in at the start of Year 13 which helped the teachers seen any gaps in our learning, and we got lots of feedback and teachers are going over topics where needed". (Year 13 student)

"If we are isolating our students put the learning on TEAMs and will do live lessons to help us stay in touch and keep making progress". (Year 13 student)

"After assessments and exams we complete purple reflective learning sheets and this has helped us to evaluate what we did well and what we need to improve on." (Year 13 student)

"Our teachers use assessments in different ways such as knowledge recall at the start of every lesson, mini assessments, using mark schemes to see the exam board expectations. Its all really helpful." (Year 13 student)

BCHS has an exceptional Sixth Form Team that provides all students with excellent pastoral care. The Sixth Form team offer all students brilliant help with all aspects of UCAS applications. (Year 13 student)

"Studying A levels at Brentwood County High School was a journey I would redo all over again. The teachers I was in contact with during my two years there was nothing but thoughtful and welcoming considering the fact that I changed one of my subjects a month in. Overall, every moment in this school was a pleasant and memorable one. So were my subjects. I owe it to the teachers that taught me everything and helped me when I was in desperate need of help to say thank you. I'm here today because of you. This includes the sixth form support officer." (Year 13 student)

The sixth form team will always have a special place in my heart. You guys have helped me through so much and will be sorely missed. (Year 13 student)

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