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Mental Wellbeing at home


With everyone spending a lot more time at home, there has never been a better time for prioritising your wellbeing. There are three key areas here: being active, being mentally present and being creative. Try to do something for each of these key areas every day, and let us know how you are getting on. Please email n.melton.bch@osborne.coop with the results of any physical challenges you have undertaken, any feedback from the mental activities and, especially, anything creative that you have produced during this time. We would love to hear from you!

Mind, body and soul

Healthy Recipes

The key to a healthy diet is: Balance the amount of calories you eat with the amount you use being physically active. Eat a wide range of foods to ensure your body is receiving all the nutrients it needs. 

Here are a selection of recipes we have collated to get you started. There are lots more ideas for you to try, and we look forward to seeing everything that you have created in the kitchen.






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Moving more



Free Yoga sessions can be found on YouTube here: Click here to visit Yoga With Adriene

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Mr Mitchell has shared the Couch to 5k challenge to all students, exercise is great for your mental wellbeing. Have you tried this yet? If not give it a go and let us know how you get on.

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Film Studies Activity

Film studies wellbeing activity from BCHS


Be Mindful

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Head Space is a great Mindfulness app; the first 10 sessions are free and they can be repeated so you don’t need to buy it. There are short mindfulness sessions that only last 3 minutes each and are great for mental wellbeing.

Here are some excellent tips for managing stress and anxiety during this period: 

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Keep those brain cells ticking over by learning a new language! Give it a go at: Duolingo

How many Sudoku can you do in an hour? There are literally billions to choose from here: Web Sudoku

Mental Health: Myths and Facts

Myth: Only depressed people have bad mental health

Fact: We all have mental health, sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad

Myth: People with bad mental health will always have bad mental health

Fact: Mental health is not fixed, it exists in a spectrum and it goes up and down

Myth: There is nothing you can do about bad mental health

Fact: There are lots of things you can do: talking to a friend, going for a walk and making something creative are just some of the ways you can improve your mental health



We asked some teachers to share with us the names of 4 pieces of music that have meant something to them during lockdown and reasons why. Miss Nicholson has chosen the following. We hope you enjoy listening to them and the reasons why she picked them.

Miss Nicholson Dessert Island

Baking at home   


Snow Day February 2021

Here are a selection of pictures that were sent in from our snow day, we have loved looking at pictures of you enjoying the snow if you have anymore please send them to Mrs Nicholass!

Snow day 2021



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