Accelerated Reader

At BCHS we run a successful Accelerated Reader program.

What is Accelerated Reader? 

Accelerated Reader(AR) is a computer program that helps teacher to manage and monitor students' independent reading practice.  The student picks a book at his/her own level and reads it at his/her own pace.  When finished, the student takes a short quiz on the computer - passing the quiz is an indication that he/she has under stood what has been read.

What is Star Reading?

Star Reading is an online assessment used to determine a child’s English reading level. It is a computer-based reading assessment program that uses computer-adaptive technology. Questions continually adjust to each child’s responses. If the response is correct, the difficulty level is increased. If they cannot answer a question, or answer incorrectly, the difficulty level is reduced. The test uses multiple-choice questions and takes approximately 20-30 minutes.

Can students read books from home?

Yes, but only those that have an Accelerated Reader quiz will allow the student to quiz and earn points towards his/her AR reading target. You can check if a book is on AR by searching AR Book finder.  With this free online tool you can search for interesting and appropriate books for your child, quickly and easily, in the knowledge that there is an Accelerated Reader quiz available for each book.

What Is Renaissance Home Connect?

Renaissance Home Connect is connecting parents and extending practice. Renaissance Home Connect improves the school-to-home connection by allowing parents and students to log in to a website and view the student’s reading practice and progress towards targets. Access to online results promotes discussion between parents and students, which motivates students and can make reading practice even more effective. Click here to access Home Connect where students can login using their existing credentials and share with you their success on this reading program.


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