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Maths A Level

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Year 12 Overview

Statistics - Within this module students will look at analysing and representing data and how this would apply to a large data set. Students will also begin to look at probability distributions and testing hypothesis.

Mechanics -

As well as building on the concepts of acceleration, velocity and gravity, this strand of the curriculum also looks at forces and motion.

Pure Mathematics -

Making up the bulk of the course, pure mathematics is mostly calculus based and        develops students knowledge of graphic and algebraic techniques. Skills from GCSE such as trigonometry, co-ordinate geometry and vectors are also built on.

Year 13 Maths overview

Statistics - In Year 13 as well as building on the Year 12 content, students study additional topics linked with correlation and regression as well as conditional probability.

Mechanics - In Year 13 as well as building on the Year 12 content, students study additional topics such as projectiles and friction.

Pure Mathematics - This module mostly focuses on developing the Year 12 skills; particularly trigonometry, integration and differentiation. However some new topics are introduced, such as       sequences and series, and parametric equations.


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What our students say

The facilities and support at BCHS Sixth Form for mathematics are unmatched. With excellent head of subject and great support from all teachers all year round. Feeling included and supported made it my favourite subject and extremely enjoyable. 

I really enjoyed taking maths, it allowed me to push myself further by developing my analytical skills. The teachers were wonderful and always there to help. 

I decided to choose maths as an A level, as it was one of my favourite subjects and doing it at A level expanded my knowledge and complimented my other subjects well. My teachers made the lessons exciting and easy to learn. 

I chose Maths because I am interested in the practical applications. BCHS sixth form has a very high teaching standard and I would recommend taking this subject. 

I really enjoyed this subject as the teachers were engaging, the lessons were well thought out. Plenty of support was offered by the staff, which meant that we all got the most out of the subject. 

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