Travel And Tourism BTEC

Subject Information

Travel and Tourism BTEC

Curriculum Information

Year 12 overview

We follow the Pearson BTEC (2019) Extended Certificate in Travel and Tourism which has 4 units.

Year 12 will include two units:

  • The World of Travel and Tourism (external exam) - the travel and tourism industry in the UK is growing and is of major importance to the economy. Learners will develop the skills needed to examine, interpret and analyse a variety of statistics that measure the importance of tourism to the UK.
  • Principles of Marketing in Travel and Tourism (coursework) - learners will focus on how to develop a successful marketing plan for use by travel and tourism organisations to attract and engage customers.

Year 13 overview

Year 13 covers two units:

  • Global Destinations (external exam) - Different types of destinations and their importance – learners will research the features and appeal of global destinations.
  • Visitor Attractions (coursework) - Learners develop analytical skills as they investigate the nature and role of both built and natural visitor attractions, their commercial success, appeal, response to diverse visitor needs and the importance of delivering a memorable visitor experience.


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What our students say

"I chose this subject because I wanted to learn about how economies made money from tourism. What I like about this subject is that it has a business side to it you learn how companies such as zoos get their funds, where the money is spent and much more. After each lesson, we get sent PowerPoints and resources which we can use in our own time to help us do independent learning, and also help us to catch up in class if we are behind in work." 

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