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Parents Evenings

Working closely with parents and carers is crucial to ensuring the success of all our young people. An ongoing and constant dialogue between teachers, students and parents or carers enables a flow of information, advice, concerns and guidance to go between all parties to the education of each student.

Ongoing dialogue is achieved through email, phonecalls and meetings that can take place at any time that they are needed.

There are three formal opportunities to meet with your child's teachers or tutor during the year. There is one parents' evening where appointments can be made with each of your child's teachers to discuss progress, and agree actions to be taken to ensure improvements. There are also two academic tutorial review meetings where you will meet with your child's form tutor to discuss overall progress in all aspects of school life.

There are also three reports issued during the school year, one per term. These are issued online and are accessible through the Student Learning Gateway.

Parent evening booking 

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