Visitor Feedback

The students adapted well to working outside their normal friendship circles and showed great maturity. (Enterprise in Education facilitator)

The students were fully engaged in all the activities and particularly enjoyed the competitive side of the day which added momentum to the activities and challenges. (Enterprise in Education facilitator)

The school leadership showed a personal commitment to embracing diversity and inclusion, from the School Governor through to the Head Teacher as well as subject area teachers. (Diversity Award Assessor)

The PHSEE session involved discussions around Pride week, promoting transgender and LGBTQ, celebrating and promoting inclusion in mainstream activities. Also thinking about the challenges that could be faced. There was evidence of opportunities for pupils to participate in parliamentary activities, to enable them to think about different social causes they could support and promote. (Diversity Award Assessor)

Images and stories around the school representing diverse cultures, traditions, disability sports and BAME role models, evidenced the value of diversity and inclusion within the school curriculum.  (Diversity Award Assessor)

“The more able students I met at BCHS clearly had a keen sense of equity and equality and were able to navigate the pressurised environment of a mock court. It was absolutely inspirational to work with such intelligent and sophisticated students and I will be visiting again soon!”.  (Criminal solicitor Adel Buckingham)

“In order to make it in the design industry you need to have a capacity to be open minded and creative. The more able students at BCHS in all years- were able to create abstract concepts and ideas from challenging design briefs. I look forward to working with the students again- their innovative way of thinking really impressed me.” (Graphic Designer Carl Burgess)

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