Psychology A Level

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Psychology A Level

Curriculum information


Year 12 overview

  • Approaches
  • Research Methods
  • Psychopathology
  • Memory
  • Social Influence
  • Attachment

Year 13 overview

  • Issues and debates
  • Biopsychology
  • Cognition and Development
  • Schizophrenia
  • Forensic Psychology



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What our students say

I chose Psychology because I was excited to delve into content that was relevant to my career aspirations, such as forensics, attachment and cognition and development. This is another reason why Psychology is a good A Level to choose. Its versatility means it is a beneficial qualification to take you into any field. The excellent teaching makes the course easy to study. 

I decided to take Psychology not knowing much about this subject and ended up being one of my easiest subjects, due to the teaching and constant help. I felt secure knowing I would receive a good grade. 

I chose this subject because the science of human behaviours is fascinating and links to everyday life. My teacher is such a supportive teacher and it was never a stressful subject because she is so amazingly organised.

Psychology is a great subject. The standard of teaching from my teacher is excellent. The subject teaches the elements that you can apply in the real world. 

Psychology A level was my favourite subject at sixth form. Psychology was really interesting and engaging, which allowed me to explore my future career choice even further. My teacher was so kind, caring and always went the extra mile to make sure we received the help and support we needed. 

"Psychology was a new experience for me as I never studied it before A level. My teacher made me wish I could go back in time and change that. Having Miss Gosling as my psychology teacher was an honour, thanks to her I was able to enjoy learning this subject considering the fact that I knew nothing at the begging. she was very attentive and understanding with me. The reason I decided to study psychology was because of my later formed interest and because it linked with my first subject really well allowing me to use what I learned from one subject to another. My teacher is a good-natured teacher thanks to her I went from the lowest point to the highest I can be in a short amount of time." 

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