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16-19 Tuition Fund

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The 16-19 tuition fund 2021-22 

Brentwood County High has allocated the 16-19 tuition fund to students who have not achieved at least a standard pass in English GCSE or Maths GCSE due to disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.  

These students will be studying a full A-level/BTEC programme and in addition have specific lessons dedicated to Maths or English GCSE resit. 

The Maths cohort consists of 23 students of whom 18 Y12 students and 5 Y13 students. s 

Each student will have a minimum of 4 50 minute lessons of Maths a fortnight (more in cases where additional need is identified) and additional sessions in morning registration time. These sessions are delivered by Maths specialists and supported by independent activities on specific TEAMs groups and resources such as Hegarty Maths, Seneca Learning and Oak Academy. 

After school, weekend and holiday sessions will supplement this. 

The English cohort consists of 5 students at the start of the academic year 2 Y12 students and 3 Y13 students.  

Each student will have a minimum of 2 50 minute lessons of English a fortnight plus additional time in morning registration delivered by an English specialist teacher. 

Face-to-face delivery during the school day by an experienced GCSE teacher is considered the most appropriate way to provide support to these students and will be supplemented by sessions ahead of the examinations after school.  After school, weekend and holiday sessions will supplement this. 

A proud partner in the Osborne Co-operative Academy Trust