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Not many randomly say “I want to join a marching band” but the Brentwood Imperial Youth Band is so much more than just marching or playing an instrument. 

The Band was formed in 1990 to provide local young people an environment to develop life-skills in a fun, safe and musical way. And without doubt getting young people off phones, interacting with each other in real time and making proper mates is a bonus to!

Teamwork, Discipline, Respect & Musicianship are four words that describe what we offer young people involved with our group. 

We have no entrance criteria other than minimum age is 10yrs; NO MUSICAL EXPERIENCE or even an instrument are required, just an appetite to learn and embrace something new. 

If someone joins with no musical experience, as most do, over time we try different instruments till we find what they’re naturally best suited to. 

With the Band having a multi-functional capability members are regularly exposed to a variety of musical experiences such as performing with professional military bands, performing concerts and displays extensively in the UK and abroad.

We rehearse Mon & Wed 7pm to 9pm at our own home in The Drive, Warley, CM13 3BH and membership is £1 per week.

If you want your son or daughter to be part of something great or have further questions then email info@brentwoodyouthband.org.uk 





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